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take a look... by Dollysmith
take a look...
jareth from labyrinth, i don't own him. just doing this for the enjoyment of myself and for my fellow laby fans.

done in daz 4.7 and photoshop
not how i originally planned to end a what a good fan comic, sorry no pretty pics... this is end of the story as told in written form by a desperate goblin who needs help!
anyone know which way to to get through this labyrinth again?!....wait no i'm going left, no time for tea worm!


dear who ever is willing to read this rambled rambling letter.......

I am nothing more than a mere humble goblin of the labyrinth. I believe I serve my king well enough to the best of my ability....aside from a few hundred missteps. I am a proud member of the goblin army air force that kept that queen bitch's watery  beasts at bay. we may have accidentally let some watery tarts slip by us though, but we caught up to with them...a bit too late... the airship Goblinoticka crashed right into the castle where king Jareth's bedroom was..
it was him who stopped the watery tarts by sending them straight into the bog of eternal stench. alas, it was we, the brave mischievous crew of the Goblinoticka who disrupted the honeymoon for Jareth. Sarah slept through the whole scene as you all know. that's where we left in the visual version of this tale.... what you did not get to see next was us joining the watery tarts at the bog of eternal of stench. fortunately we were just dumped on the ground near by and not  into the bog's boggy depths. now it's just me and the rest of the crew stuck here for a short while.... hopefully.
we  tried to escape many times but we just can't get through the invisible walls Jareth put up. we now live with Hoggle in his so called lil' castle, which is no more than a humble cottage. he's the prince of the land of stench, but does not care for being called "your royal stenchness", just call him Hoggle....
it's through him  that i am even  able to get this story to you guys out there in a long rambling letter sent via goblin mail. I'd say there is a 50/50  chance it will get to you uneaten!
anyway, as far as how the rest of  Jareth and Sarah's honeymoon went, I have no idea...not a freaking clue!
our only source of new for it is from Hoggle who only mumbles something and shakes his head while walking away too embarrassed by whatever it was had saw going on at the castle.
we can only imagine what is happening, I can only see from here on top of the cottage roof that the castle is going through some repair and new building work.  aside from rebuilding before after Sarah first left with Toby,  nothing much new has happened with the castle for centuries... course nothing had crashed into it with powerful blaster canons blazing!
took five years to repair the castle Sarah destroyed with her infamous win and we goblins destroyed it even quicker....again back to what the other bad thing we wished would go away.. queen Mizumi? is that her name? forgive me if I don't spell it right, for all my knowledge I don't do spelling and grammar as I am goblin after all. part of being a goblin is to error a lot aside from mischief many other things we do.
one  of the favorite thing for goblins is hearing tales no matter how long and pointless they are, we enjoy them just as much as we do with the more awesome exciting ones.
sir D. is quite popular lately for his tales especially and it is from him that I hear about how queen Mizumi and her kingdom came to a crushing end!
he came by  once after the war was over to tell us all about it...needless to say fell asleep after halfway through... he went on and on about  he and the rest of the goblin horde and army valiantly won many battles against queen bitc--ahem-Mizumi's army of metal men, watery beasts and tarts. eventually he came to the one part we wanted to know! Mizumi was finally vanquished by the goblin king's long time alley, Faerie queen herself. they have a bit of history, but that is a whole other story. (don't tell Sarah, oh good bog of eternal stench please don't mention a word about it!) Elizabeth, or Lizzie as we call her, rendered her fellow queen into nothing more than a mewling babe. what i mean by that literally she used her greater powers to turn Mizumi back into a helpless babe. what? you think she was gonna get slain, killed, or behead? that's what she would have done to Sarah! some goblins  would've loved to have roasted her up for dinner even...but queen Lizzie did not allow it, she's a wise queen and thought it was better  for stop her in a less gruesome way and give her chance to start over with a whole new life ahead of her. most likely to be adopted by a Fae couple with no children, a lot of that going on. babes aren't borne in this world often.... except if your goblin, THERE IS SO MANY OF US THAT A LAW AGAINST US BREEDING WAS MADE...of course we and our king ignore for the prince and body guard who were always at Mizumi's side well, they reside now reside in the Faery queen's castle for the time being under her ever watchful gaze. i know nothing more than that. though there are juicy rumors of them joining  the all male harem of the Faerie Que- OKAY MOVING ON...I  only have so little room left on this one piece of paper  that Hoggle gave to write on. sorry i did not report anything thing more of what happened like i did before for I am stuck here in the land of eternal stench far away from my all the things I need for art. I am writing with a stick and mud from a bog for crying out loud! which would explain why this does not get eaten by the goblin delivering this apparently nasty smelly letter to you. there's not much here aside from the stench everyone complains about it. I have no nose at all so it does not bother, no the real torture is the bloody hot weather here and knowing, JUST KNOWING...that the goblin king is mostly likely topless or nearly naked because it's soo damn hot here! missing out on that is the worst aside from being trapped here! IT'S NOT FAIR!

love, oogle the goblin.
DARKLABYRINTH end: letter from a desperate goblin
oogle and the other goblins were everntaully freed from the bog of eternally by king's mercy....unfortunately all hot weather had ceased and winter for the underground had come which means the goblin king will be fully clothed and covered in thick furred robes....poor oogle.
sorry, it's a quick run down of how this was going to end, lost interest in drawing more comic pages for this series awhile ago. i won't do something if my heart is not entirely into it. i ran out of good ideas and when i had some, i wasn't up to the challenge of drawing it all! my patience drawing in slowly because detalwork is nonexistant.  i want to move on to other things for the time being. after all this is just for fun, no one can force to do more i what want to do. i accomplished what i intended to do in the first place, get sarah and jareth together.   


i own nothing of the movie labyrinth nor the mention characters of the manga sequel, the prince, faerie queen, and oogle are mine.
i only do this for the enjoyment or bewilderment of fellow laby fans
where are you going..... by Dollysmith
where are you going.....
sarah and jareth from the movie labyrinth, 3D fanart done for the enjoyment fellow laby fans

done in daz studio 4.5 and photoshop
i have yet to get around to do anything for the dark labyrinth comic and don't feel like going any further with it. i will at least do the ending maybe, my main goal mostly with that story was to have jareth and sarah married which happen regardless of how quickly!
i must do something about the evil queen moraine,fortunately some pissed off goblins are headed her way!

meanwhile i started working on a new comic STEAMPUNK GOBLINS which i have been meaning to do for a long time and finally doing something now!



i will be uploading more art and stuff soon, i've been a busy goblin.

as for doll commissons!
 i am not going to work on a doll unless money has put down for it first, half of what the doll will cost in fact. that may be unfair to a lot of people, but i want to make sure a person is really committed to getting the doll  they commissioned. it is very disheartening having to put a lot of my time and money into making whatever it is a person wanted only to have wait forever for it to be paid for or just get nothing at all for it and be left with another unwanted doll.

with half the money paid first, the costs of clay and materials going to make the doll taken care of. i will waste art supplies on someone's word anymore. something always comes up or they disappear all off the face of the earth.
i am not going to express endless reasons why i can't afford to do so.
also i can not be expected to do a decent job if it has to done quickly, you can't rush art. bad results happen when you do.
were all mostly artist's here. it costs to make something by hand.let's not forget too YOUR TIME AND HARD WORK IS WORTH SOMETHING TOO!
i am mostly to have less people asking for handmade dolls now, but i would rather deal with someone who wants something enough to pay what it's.
yes i am still an amauture dollmaker, but i have made great improvements since i first started making dolls.
if your wanting have ball joint dolls i'll be willing to make one.. if you can afford to do so though.
prices on most ball joint dolls go beyond way more than just a hundred dollars.
take the time to actionally look around and see what most ball joint dolls cost, not cheap and those that are mostly too good to be true.
i'm not charging too much really for what i make, other doll makers ask for more and their dolls are worth it.
there's a lot of talented people out there who are really good at they do and are not appreciated for it enough!
for those who want try to make your own doll, here's a link…
that just shows only some of the work going into the making of a doll. 
i hope some folks can learn that art does not come fast, cheap and easily. it don't work that way. 


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Dolly Smith
United States
i'm not ashamed of what i do

Current Residence: on the edge of the dark woods
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Personal Quote: a demeted mind is a terrible thing to waste, especially around here....

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